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At RYBD, we believe that we are more than number crunchers. Our team is invested in providing clarity and assistance to help you grow your business—and we want to grow along with you. Our services, team, and knowledge are built on the promise to deliver the best possible financial solutions to you.

Introduction – We begin with an initial 10-15 minute phone call with the business owner to better understand the specific situation and to assess how we may be able to offer a solution or guidance. At the conclusion of this call, if both parties agree an effective partnership can be developed, we set up an in-person or virtual meeting.

Additional Meeting (in-person or via Teams/Zoom) – The second meeting is scheduled for 45 – 60 minutes which permits a more in-depth discussion regarding the business needs, the long-term plans of the owner, and the pain points that the owner is experiencing. During this discussion, we listen intently to the needs of the owner and ask many thoughtful and provoking questions. (Be prepared – we may ask a multitude of questions as we have an affinity for small businesses and we find ourselves intrigued by entrepreneurs). We also address the owner’s questions regarding our firm and how we partner with our clients. At the conclusion of the meeting, as well as throughout he meeting, we provide recommendations and potential solutions and how we can partner with the business owner in resolving those issues.

Proposal – After the in-depth discussion, we create a proposal for the potential client. This is an informal process in which we summarize our recommendations and apply a fee structure that is then presented in written form to the business owner. This allows both parties to clarify the services involved and to understand the fee structure related to those services. Our goal during the proposal process is to provide the business owner with clear expectations of our approach which ultimately is to help them in achieving their goals of building and maintaining wealth.

Onboarding – Once both parties agree with the proposed level of services and the fee structures involved, we begin the onboarding process. This process varies depending upon the services we will provide; however, all clients are introduced to two RYBD team members. We understand that our business owners have urgent questions and by having two dedicated team members to answer those questions, we are able to provide timely and effective problem-solving solutions.

Our commitment and responsibility to our clients involves continued focus and attention to their needs. This is accomplished through proactive and ongoing communication as well as collaboration surrounding new tax and business ideas, and timely and efficient responses.

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RYBD is based in Duluth, Georgia.

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