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Keeping Clean Books Can Help Minimize Taxes

Bookkeeping is definitely one business activity that rewards an ounce of prevention. For many businesses owners who are fresh off their end-of-the-year financial close, staying on top of their company’s finances in the coming year takes the top spot on their resolution list.

Correcting mistakes and reallocating financial posts made against the wrong budget category takes time away from tax planning, a luxury reserved for business owners with clean books. Keeping company books pristine does more than give the owner peace of mind, it allows decisions about the future of the business to be made in real time using up-to-the-minute current data.

If you have resolved to keep cleaner, more accurate books this year, Rhodes, Young, Black & Duncan, CPAs (RYBD) can help you accomplish that goal. We can review your books on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure that any needed adjustments are made to current posts rather than making sweeping changes retroactively at the end of year. Being able to forecast, budget and plan against a set of clean, up-to-date books help business owners and executives stay in control of their operations. With verified numbers at your fingertips, decision-makers can adjust on the fly with confidence, quickly responding to changing customer requirements and shifting market needs.

Business owners who are already clients can contact the partner in charge of their account to add bookkeeping services or financial reviews to the matters we already handle for you.

For those who are not yet RYBD clients, call our office at 770-495-6200 to learn more about how our quarterly and monthly accounting reviews and tax planning can help you check off what could be the easiest resolution on your list.

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