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When RYBD Recommends QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop

80% of small, growing, service-based businesses use some form of QuickBooks®. That’s more than 29 million small businesses in America that depend on this industry-standard accounting software to manage their finances, pay their vendors and even execute Payroll.

Many of the smaller businesses serviced by Rhodes, Young, Black & Duncan, CPAs (RYBD) use QuickBooks® Online for its 24/7/365 availability from anywhere on the planet. RYBD advises the majority of its clients to use the online product because it offers the simplest way for bookkeepers, analysts, and business owners to interact with the CPAs from RYBD. QuickBooks Essentials posts and updates financial transactions in real time, completely eliminating the cumbersome uploads and downloads common to other accounting software, specifically the challenge often experienced with QuickBooks Desktop versions.

While QuickBooks Online is the preferred accounting software, it is not the only accounting package. There are a few situations where companies have specialized operations or unique inventory requirements where other packages may be a better fit. In most cases, QuickBooks Online offers a variety of subscription-based products to accommodate most small to medium-sized business needs.

QuickBooks Online is also hardware agnostic, which means users with Windows PCs and Macs will find the same screens and follow the same intuitive financial pathways regardless of the input device.

If you’re confused about which form of QuickBooks is the best one for your business, call RBYD at 770-495-6200. We’ll not only recommend the best QuickBooks version for your business; we will set it up for you. Then, we’ll save you 30% over the monthly subscription price you’d pay if you did it yourself. Best of all, you will always own your data and you’ll never have to send us an accounting file again.

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